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Victorious’s Robbie Totally Burned Jade On Twitter, And Rex Would Be Proud

Freak the freak out

When you're frustrated and need to vent on Twitter, you can always count on friends to try and cheer you up — which is what happened with two Victorious cast members on Sunday (May 1).

After Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West) said she was having trouble sleeping, costar Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro) didn't miss a beat to epically burn her. His sassy AF puppet, Rex, is probably jumping for joy right now.

And Gillies had the perfect retort.

The pic Bennett shared is from Gillies's Lifetime movie, Killing Daddy, in which she played a girl who desperately wanted to murder her father for allegedly killing her mother. In the movie, she told her father she haaaates him, which one Twitter user quickly pointed out.

Bennett's burn would definitely make Robbie's puppet, Rex, quite proud. And who knows? Maybe now Gillies will add "getting owned" to Jade's list of things she hates.