The Scream Season 2 Trailer Is Here -- And It's Messing With Our Minds

Attention, Brooke stans: It may be time to worry

Hey, is that a bunch of bloody intestines over there?

Since we're talking about the brand-new trailer for Season 2 of MTV's Scream, we can answer that question with a definitive "hell yeah" -- but that doesn't mean we have the chill-inducing clip entirely figured out.

First off, why is one of the Lakewood teens getting a visit from someone who supposedly died last season (look closely -- real closely)? Who's the unfortunate soul being hunted down by the all-new killer? Does that disturbing scene with Brooke mean everyone's favorite queen bee is...oh hell, we can't even bring ourselves to say it. And how do we feel after seeing the heart-stopping action?

To quote that bitch podcaster Piper as she revealed she was behind the Lakewood massacre in the Season 1 finale -- and then taunted Emma with the 411: "#Mindblown."

Thank goodness the all-knowing Noah is still on his mission to find answers. "The thing about the truth is, it's hard to pin down," he says in the trailer. "You hope it's one thing, but deep down, you know it's something else."

So what is the truth? Get ready to find out when Scream returns on May 30 at 11/10c -- but be sure to keep the season's official tagline in mind: "Trust nothing. Trust us."

To say the least.