Mandy Moore / Instagram

Mandy Moore's Instagram Is A Glorious Museum For The Early 2000s

🎶 I'm missing you like candy 🎶

Mandy Moore cordially invites you to take A Walk to Remember down memory lane. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Moore skyrocketed to fame with her 1999 bubblegum pop hit "Candy," then went on to release a total of six albums. She also famously starred in 2002's gooey teen romance A Walk to Remember alongside Shane West.

Now, the singer and actress is moving out of her home of 14 years, and she's unearthed some serious throwback gems during the packing process. Like this wedding photo:

"I think this was an actual prop from the movie [A Walk To Remember]. Not sure how I ended up with it but cool," Moore captioned the pic.

Then there's this positively ancient issue of the now-folded Teen People magazine.

Mandy! Usher! MK&A! Paris Hilton! Which story would you read first?

"Finding these journals with so many bits and pieces of lyrics in them has made my heart sing," Moore wrote.

Speaking of songwriting, check out these CD demos. Remember when burning CDs was a thing?

Moore collaborated with The Weepies for her fifth album, 2007's Wild Hope. And there's also this masterpiece ...

This giant cardboard cutout looks to be from Moore's "In My Pocket" days, back in 2001 when "there were record stores and displays." Mandy admitted that she was ready to "junk it," but thankfully, her dad convinced her to keep it. If you don't want it, Mandy, we'd be happy to take it off your hands!