According To Freud -- And Drunk Chicagoans -- You Want To Have Sex With Your Parents

MTV2's Binge Thinking tests tipsy Chicago locals about Freud's famous theory

In 1899, iconic psychiatrist Sigmund Freud first published his book The Interpretation of Dreams, introducing the world to the Oedipus complex: that we all want to have sex with our parents (boys with their moms, girls with their dads). We grow out of this, he said, but it is a major building block in forming our identities, beginning at the tender age of three.. Not everyone agrees with Freud, but his theories are the basis for modern psychoanalysis and for many pop culture sketches, TV episodes, and songs.

This week on MTV2's Binge Thinking, Mac Lethal and Amber Diamond went into the streets of Chicago to see just how much tipsy locals knew about Freud. Who did he think we want to have sex with, they asked? Monkeys, they said. Or Angelina Jolie.

Be sure to catch the rest of Binge Thinking tonight (April 29) on MTV2 at 11:30/10:30c.