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‘90s Lovers, Rejoice -- Amy Grant And Tori Kelly Have Remade The 1991 Hit ‘Baby Baby’

You'll be taken with the notion, to love this song with the sweetest of devotion

Amy Grant’s 1991 hit “Baby Baby” turns 25 this year, and it’s being reintroduced into the pop stratosphere with a modern, dance-pop makeover.

To celebrate its anniversary, Grant recruited breakout star Tori Kelly for a new version of the Grammy-nominated, chart-topping song, which pairs Kelly’s new vocals with Grant’s original vocals. The lyric video premiered Thursday on and includes tons of summery, lovey-dovey visuals that pair perfectly with the updated pop classic -- check it out here.

Grant also shared a behind-the-scenes vid on her YouTube channel of her and Kelly discussing the timelessness and irresistible charm of the song, which Grant wrote while battling writer’s block and while holding her then 6-week-old daughter.

Grant further discussed the collab with People, saying, “Tori is such an incredible vocalist, one of the most effortless singers I have ever heard, and once she starts singing it is like a rocket engine has been strapped on to the song and she takes us all on a ride. I really think she knocked it out of the park.”

That she did, Amy Grant. And it's honestly no surprise, because once a '90s girl, always a '90s girl. Right, Tori?

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