Yes, Lanny From Lizzie McGuire Can Actually Talk

Listen to his voice-over work from his cartoon web series

Fewer characters on Lizzie McGuire were more bizarre than Lanny Onasis (Christian Copelin). As Matt McGuire's (Jake Thomas) best friend, Lanny found himself in and out of trouble daily. But he had a distinctive feature that made him one of the most unique characters during Disney's Golden Era — and it wasn't that he's a direct descendant of Crispus Attucks. Nope, it was that he never spoke a word the entire time he was on the show.


Naturally, millennials are still wondering what Lanny sounded like; it's one of the big ‘00s mysteries. Copelin stopped acting in 2004, according to his IMDb page, but upon further investigation, he did link out to his YouTube channel that hasn't been updated in quite some time.

Apparently, he wrote and produced a web series back in 2008 about an A-list celebrity dog named Tux. Plus, he — wait for it — voiced the character Tux. Like, he spoke words instead of just pantomiming. (Since he's doing voice-over work, he's probably tweaking his natural voice for the character, but still.)

Only the first episode, "Uppity Mutt," was uploaded, but there are two other Tux clips which involve Tux and Rufus (voiced by Tommy LeBlanc) discussing the 2008 election.

Tux's assistant Stinky (voiced by Annie Céspedes) desperately tries to get her boss out of bed and into the studio to do an interview with Rufus, and the two argue about success and Brad Pitt. As one does.

Check out the strange video below.

H/T Pop Crush