The Corrs Turn Up Heat For "Breathless" Single, Video

After selling more than 430,000 copies of their sophomore album, "Talk On Corners," in the U.S. alone, Irish family quartet The Corrs have returned with their new record, "In Blue," which will crack the Top 25 of the "Billboard" charts next week, debuting at number 21.

For "In Blue," The Corrs tapped revered producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange (who has worked with the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Backstreet Boys, and his wife, Shania Twain) to oversee the recording sessions held in Dublin. Lange also co-penned the album's lead track and first single, "Breathless," which has already topped the charts in the U.K.

MTV Radio caught up with The Corrs, comprised of lead vocalist Andrea Corr, violinist Sharon Corr, drummer Caroline Corr, and guitarist Jim Corr, during their recent promotional blitz for "In Blue," and the siblings discussed the sun-drenched "Breathless" track.

"We happened

to meet

up [with Lange]," Andrea said, "and we both liked what each other does, so we decided to try and write a song together. So we did, and the first song we wrote together was [article id="1442059"]'Breathless.' [RealVideo][/article]

"It was a beautiful, sunny day when we wrote it," she continued, "and I think that's very much in the song, because it's kind of high impact and driven and sunny and summery and it's a love song. It's about seduction and how when you're falling in love, you're just enticing that person to go one step further. It's good, good fun." [RealAudio]

The Corrs have already completed a video for "Breathless" with director Nigel Dick, although Jim Corr noted that the climate

where filming took place was

a far cry from the rainy seasons the band is used to in Ireland.

"We shot the video in the Mojave Desert, just outside Los Angeles," Jim described, "and it was shot by a friend of ours, Nigel Dick. We've worked with him on quite a number of videos. We spent about two days out in the desert sun, and we kind of weren't really prepared for that type of heat. Actually, two of us -- Andrea and Sharon -- came down with severe heat exhaustion and had to be taken to a hospital."

"But it was [still] great fun," Andrea maintained. "Fantastic." [RealAudio]

The Corrs will wrap up their current round of U.S. appearances

this weekend by performing at the "Summer

Stretch" radio show in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, on September 22, followed by a set at the Mix Fest in Boston on September 23. The group will then return to Europe for a tour slated to kick off on October 31 in Hamburg, Germany.

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