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Watch MTV Founders Editor Taylor Trudon And First Lady Michelle Obama Discuss #CollegeSigningDay

The one thing FLOTUS wants all college freshmen to know

First Lady Michelle Obama didn't become the eloquent, admirable, and influential powerhouse she is today overnight. Educational opportunities were key to her success and, she believes, are the key to future generations' success, too. In 2014, FLOTUS launched the White House's "Reach Higher" initiative to spread this very message.

Yesterday, Obama continued this mission by celebrating College Signing Day at the Harlem Armory, with the help of over 4,000 New York City high school students, celebrity friends, and advocates, and none other than MTV's own mother of teen dragons and founder of MTV Founders, Taylor Trudon.

Trudon, who has been publishing the college essays of teens across the nation on MTV Founders in partnership with #ReachHigher, sat down with Obama to discuss the first lady's incredible journey from South Side Chicago high school student to Harvard Law grad, as well as her advice for incoming freshmen.

Check out the clip for a peek into FLOTUS's words of wisdom. You can submit your own college essay to MTV Founders at