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Lick Your Lips While Cam'ron Raps About Food

'Ribeye, lamb, or chicken ...'

There's something about Cam'ron that makes just about everything he does — musically, stylistically, on Instagram — seem enjoyable. Rapping the names of an array of dishes of food in succession is no exception.

Killa does just that on "H. World," the intro to Huang’s World, the Viceland show that follows chef Eddie Huang premiering its second season on Thursday at 10 p.m. Here's a taste (get it?), thanks to MissInfo: "Whether sushi or pork, ribeye, lamb or chicken / Turkey, turkey bacon, rice, gyros, it's all finger-lickin'."

This should be 38 minutes, not 38 seconds, because I'd listen to Cam rap about -- or, actually, just list -- a variety of foods for 38 minutes.