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Daisy Ridley Practices Her Lightsaber Skills On Set Of Star Wars: Episode VIII

Watch the young Padawan hone her Jedi skills

No one swings a lightsaber like Daisy Ridley -- just watch. The Star Wars actress is currently on set of Rian Johnson's anticipated Episode VIII, where she's showing off her new and improved lightsaber skills.

Posting a video on Instagram, the young Padawan revealed that she is training with Force Awakens stunt performer Liang Yang. (You probably know him best as TR-8R, or "TRAITOR!") "I always try to get him to teach me things," Ridley wrote. "Obvs not great but he's amazing and he's also featured at the end our stunt team are the most incredible group of people, so lucky I get to train with them!"

When we caught up with Ridley at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month, she told us that she didn't think Rey was a Jedi -- but her intense Jedi training would suggest that maybe what she meant to say was Rey isn't a Jedi... yet. Between the behind-the-scenes Jedi training and all the one-on-one time with Mark Hamill, it's safe to say that Rey's journey with the Force is just beginning.