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Read Lady Gaga’s Touching Farewell To Her Hero Prince

'Thank you for sharing your life with us'

Lady Gaga said goodbye to another one of her heroes with a touching Instagram tribute.

Following the news that Prince passed away at the age of 57 last Thursday (April 21), Gaga penned a moving post about the Purple One’s legacy.

Like David Bowie, whom she honored with a performance at this year’s Grammy Awards, Prince had a huge influence on Gaga’s chameleonic pop.

"Isn't it amazing Prince shared his soul with us so deeply before his death, and now after we will be replenished endlessly by both his legacy and all that he still has to give from the beyond,” wrote Gaga. "Thank you for sharing your life with us Prince."

She continued, "You just found God early, he needed you upstairs to innovate in heaven." Read the whole thing on Instagram.