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A College Professor Finds Out What 420 Means And Does Something ​Cool​ About It

The student becomes the teacher for one day

Because of 420's association to marijuana, April 20 has unofficially become "National Weed Day," as it were. But as it turns out, not everyone knows about the association.

College student Asia Kopcsandy shared an email exchange with a professor that makes you really glad we live in the year 2016. The college student originally emailed to notify the professor of an upcoming doctor's appointment, but wanted to make sure it was clear that it was really a doctor's visit and not something, well... hazier.

Asia Kopcsandy
Asia Kopcsandy

"I know this sounds suspicious because plenty of people will skip class for other reasons on 4/20," Kopcsandy said, "but I can provide a note from the doctor if needed."

If you're wondering what the professor's reaction was after finding out about "Weed Day," she cancelled class with another email message: "Enjoy Wednesday!"

Asia Kopcsandy

Turns out some professors are cooler than you would think.