If You Love Pizza, This Twitter Story Will Hurt You Physically

All that poor, poor pizza

Mounds of melted cheese, pepperoni, and crushed tomatoes, all served on a warm and delicious bread crust -- who doesn't love pizza? Apparently one man has something against the culinary perfection known as a pizza pie. Here's the story to prove it.

Twitter user @sad_tree (a.k.a. "Joe") wrote about his experience serving a repeat customer at a local pizza shop. The customer, known as Mr. Smith, always did something heinous to his pizzas once he received them. Each tweet in the story has been retweeted hundreds of times, and for good reason -- the story gets more and more frustrating as you read through.

Though the tweets were posted in January, they enraged a whole new subset of humans on Imgur Tuesday morning and quickly went viral. We're guessing that's mostly because of unbridled outrage.

Read about Joe's harrowing experience below.