7 Times The Rock And Kevin Hart Made Us Scream 'OMG!' At The Movie Awards

There was a lot to shout about

For the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards, glorious hosts Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart came right out of the gate inspiring every audience member at the Warner Bros. backlot to scream "OMG!" -- I mean, that's what they probably were screaming.

It was hard to hear the audience over our hosts making their entrance: chained and shouting, accompanied by shiny and chrome War Boys, and rocking out on the Doof Mobile from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Throughout the star-studded broadcast, our intrepid hosts kept things rolling at a hilarious pace, inspiring exclamations in the audience, at home, and definitely on social media.

See the 7 key times The Rock and Kevin Hart made us scream "OMG!" below.

  1. When they made their flammable Mad Max: Fury Road entrance

    Complete with iconic flamethrower guitar!

  2. When they delivered their raunchy monologue

    Highlights include The Rock's joke about Hart's starring gig in Hip-Hop Hobbit and some very OMG hashtags. (#DickInCake, anyone?)

  3. The Rock's bod, just in general

    Let's be honest -- that lower ab area? O-M-G.

  4. Every time The Rock one-upped his co-host

    DJ just wouldn't let KH be great (even though he definitely is!).

  5. When they recreated Batman v Superman -- with a twist

    I'd watch a franchise reboot starring the Dark Chocolate Knight and the Samoan Superman. Wouldn't you?

  6. When The Rock displayed his psychic punching abilities

    The Rock can do no wrong.

  7. And especially their... rap? I guess you would call it?

    "Leo got fucked by a bear!" says everyone on earth after hearing this song.