Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

5SOS Say They Aren’t As Romantic As Their Fan Fic Depicts Them To Be

Sorry, but 'moonlit walks down the beach' aren't really these guys' style

Being one of the biggest pop-rock bands in the world has its fair share of awesome side effects, like the swarms of adoring fans who follow you everywhere, the endless engagement with everything you do and say and post online, and the ability to share your music with the world and make people feel happy.

But ohhhhh, then there’s the fan fiction.

No one knows this better than 5 Seconds of Summer. During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the U.K. -- where they’re currently performing their Sounds Live Feels Live tour -- the guys talked about trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations of their fan fic.

“It makes you sound embarrassingly romantic, which makes me feel bad about my actual self,” Ashton Irwin said after admitting that he’s read fan fiction about himself.

“That’s very true,” Michael Clifford chimed in. “They do these things online called ‘imagines.’ And it’s like, ‘Imagine going on a date with Michael and you take a moonlit walk down the beach and stuff.’ When, in reality, we go for a date and it’s like, you go for popcorn and coffee. And then you go to the club... We just go to the pub.”

You heard it here first: these guys are not the whimsical romantics you may dream them to be. But, hey, at least their ideal date still sounds like a blast. Popcorn and pubbin’ with 5SOS -- who could say no to that?!