Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Irene Albright

Hilary Duff, Can We Please Talk About Your Childhood Glamour Shot?

Queen Duff will always reign supreme

Hilary Duff is gorgeous, there's no denying that. From her adorkable years on Lizzie McGuire to her sexy scenes on Younger, America's always loved Duff.

Yesterday (April 7), Duff had the Internet in stitches over a throwback "glamour shot" photo she shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Duff captioned the pic with hashtags, "#glamourshots #thanksmom #1993 #tb," which means 6-year-old Duff was already more stylish than you are today. You can easily see the Lizzie McGuire smile in her, and it's giving us major nostalgia.

Since there's a lot happening in this photo, let's break it down:

1. The big, Little Miss Sunshine-esque hair

2. The super shiny earrings

3. The bright, white teeth

4. The ginormous, though somewhat forced, smile

5. The way the pic's cropped, making it look like she has T. rex hands

Personally, I want to know when Duff's adorable 4-year-old son, Luca, is going to get his ~glamour shot~ already. Of course, he kinda already has.

Seriously, this kid is way too stinkin' cute. And like her son, Duff has always been stylish — minus the T. rex arms. WORK IT, GIRL.