Scream First Look: A Killer Is On The Loose -- Again -- In This Season 2 Promo

Watch the horror unfold now!

Anyone else got the chills?

The very first glimpse of Scream's Season 2 aired last night during the MTV Movie Awards, and those poor kids from Lakewood are being hunted by a crazed killer...again.

In the promo, below, stalking-victim-turned-heroine-turned-stalking-victim Emma is heard proclaiming, "I want to get back to normal."

But will that be possible, considering Audrey is soon seen frantically running for her life while Noah watches in horror -- and a cloaked (and masked, of course) killer is peering through a door?

That's not all: The network also rolled out a few bizarre, Hitchcock-inspired teasers for good measure. Somehow, we'll never look at bunnies the same way again. And meat grinders just became the stuff dreams nightmares are made of.

Watch the promo and a few of the teasers, below, tell us just how excited you are for Season 2 and get ready for the show's premiere on May 30.

Oh, and one other thing -- be sure to remember this bit of advice courtesy of Scream's Season 2 tagline: Trust nothing.