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9 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Season 2 Of Scream

Get a look at the Lakewood residents before their return.

They're baaaaack.

The cast of Scream is currently filming their second season of the hit slasher series, but seriously, who can wait until its premiere? With that in mind, we teamed up with the show's stars to give you some behind-the-scenes photos from the Louisiana set. Okay, fine -- we stalked their Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can thank us later.

Here are nine pictures posted by the actors and actresses playing Lakewood's most popular residents -- check 'em out, let us know which is your favorite, and get ready for the return of Scream!

  1. All thumbs

    Who's that texting on the set? Looks like new cast member Santiago Segura (aka Gustavo) on the left, plus Carlson Young (fan favorite Brooke), Willa Fitzgerald (victim-turned-bad-ass-survivor Emma) and Bex Taylor-Klaus (you've got a lot of explaining to do, Audrey). And hey, guys? We've got a little advice for you: If you get a weird text like the one Riley received last season, DON'T. FALL. FOR. IT.

  2. Before the carnage

    It's nice to see Carlson, Bex, John Karna (aka our favorite person ever Noah) and new castie Sean Grandillo (Kieran's cousin Eli) looking so happy, but then you think: Are one of these people gonna be out of a job soon? #bloodwillbeshed

  3. Some things don't change

    Carlson posted this pic of her alter ego Brooke -- looking dangerously sexy, as usual -- and gave it the perfect caption. WERK!

  4. Case of the giggles

    According to Willa, she and Carlson were fighting off a "laugh attack" in this pic. Hey, gurl, it's better than the ish you fought in Season 1 (rot in hell, Piper!).

  5. Baeby love

    Kiana Ledé  (aka Zoe) is fitting right in, and here's proof: Carlson, with the newbie and John, captioned this photo, "Love these baebies."

  6. No rest for the wicked

    Bex had good reason for why she was looking plenty pooped. Plus, playing a two-faced liar who teamed up with a psycho killer must be exhausting.

  7. Let's shake 'n Jake!

    The man behind everyone's favorite extortionist Jake -- we're looking at you, Tom Maden -- discovered his co-star John is a hands-on kinda guy.

  8. Well, hey there, Kieran

    Yeah, he's still hot: Amadeus Serafini (the always-appealing Kieran) kicked back with Sean while Tom got extra-pretty (real men wear makeup -- especially when they're on TV).

  9. The new 5-0

    Season 2 addition Anthony Ruivivar heralded his Scream role with this photo. Congrats, buddy -- but just remember what happened to Sheriff Hudson (and his lower intestines).