The Ultimate Star Wars Trailer Mashes Up All Seven Films Into One

Relive the Skywalker family's saga through this action-packed vid

One of the beautiful things about Star Wars: The Force Awakens -- the latest installment of the beloved franchise -- is how true it stayed to the spirit of the original trilogy. It had all the hallmarks of any Star Wars film: Heroes, villains, lightsabers, droids, battles, explosions, death, family drama... you name it. That's never clearer than when you see footage from all seven films mashed up together -- something you probably ever only dreamed of, until now.

Timed to coincide with The Force Awakens’ debut on Digital HD today -- ahead of its DVD and Blu-ray release on April 5 -- Fandango has unleashed a vid that it bills as the “Ultimate Star Wars Saga Franchise Trailer.” Yes, that’s a mouthful, but here’s the gist: in just under three minutes, the action-packed vid is a supercut of the most essential scenes spanning the franchise -- and it’s a must-see for any Star Wars fan.

The clever and all-encompassing mashup begins with Obi-Wan delivering a speech about how the Force “binds the galaxy together,” and goes on to trace the Skywalker family’s saga throughout the years. From Anakin being seduced by the dark side in the prequel trilogy, to Luke’s Jedi training throughout the original trilogy, to the introduction of Rey and Co. in The Force Awakens, it’s all there. And the best part? There’s no Jar Jar Binks in sight.