Tom Hiddleston Gives A Local Weather Report As Loki, Blames Everything On Thor

The god of thunder has been 'misbehaving'

Midwesterners trying to weather the influx of storms hitting their hometowns have only one person to blame: The god of thunder himself, Thor.

So says Tom Hiddleston, who dropped by a Chicago news station to deliver a slightly shady weather report that implicates his half-brother for the storminess. Appearing in character as Marvel baddie Loki (though tragically not in costume), Hiddleston said, “My brother from another mother has been misbehaving."

“So there is this huge storm front coming in,” he continued, “and all that means is that Chris Hemsworth has taken his hammer and smashed it on the surface of the sky, and it’s going to rain a hell of a lot. So, good luck with that.”

Hiddleston and Hemsworth will reprise their respective Marvel roles again in Thor: Ragnarok, out Nov. 3, 2017. Surely Hemsworth will retaliate by then with his own Loki-slamming news report, right? You’re on the clock, Thor.