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Here Are All The April Fools' Day Pranks You Probably Fell For This Year

A constantly updating list

Joe Jonas fooled us two days early. Early this week, Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowdnes pulled a fast one on the entire Internet. And yet, theirs weren't official April Fools' Day pranks because they didn't actually happen on April 1.

Today, however, we must remain vigilant -- find out who's currently pulling April Fools' Day pranks below.

  1. Gwen Stefani and her "news"

    Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are super in love, but if their pregnancy announcement were real, they probably wouldn't have posted it on April 1.

  2. Google's "Mic Drop"

    Google tried it by adding a fake "Mic Drop" feature to their email system, but instead, it sent a Minions GIF.

    Since a lot of people use Gmail for work, and it was easy to accidentally activate the feature, things didn't go too well, and Google removed it.

  3. Google (again) and its Parachute Delivery Service


  4. New product, "Manpons," hits the shelves

    One company (WaterAid) announced today that a new product had been invented: Manpons, or tampons for men. The idea is that this viral video would bring attention to the actual plight of women who don't have access to a toilet during their periods.

  5. #AerieMan

    American Eagle started Aerie Man as a joke -- but they're also donating $25k to NEDA and making a promise to stop retouching guys' photos from now on. #WinSomeLoseSome

  6. Jezebel and Deadspin trade writers

    Feminist website Jezebel and sports website Deadspin traded writers today and the posts are already fabulous, publishing posts like "Ryan Gosling Is Not All That Good Looking, IMO" for Jezebel and "Man, These Chicks Suck at Baseball" for Deadspin.

  7. Netflix's John Stamos Doc

    Though I can personally watch John Stamos do anything for two hours, this documentary is not actually real.

  8. Duolingo's Pillow

    A company called Duolingo purports that a pillow they created can teach your brain a language while you're asleep. Can someone make this a real thing?

  9. Wolverine's Military record released
    Canadian National Library and Archives

    The Canadian National Library and Archives "declassified" the military record of James "Logan" Howlett, or Wolverine if that wasn't clear. Since he is a pretend person, this is impossible.

  10. BuzzFeed's Nicklefools

    Though not really a prank per se, BuzzFeed has decided to write a gabillion posts (approximately) about Nickleback and Nickleback related things arranged under their "Nicklefools" tag, including Chad Kroeger as Disney princesses.

  11. Kanye West + IKEA
    Mixmag / Katja Pettersson

    TMZ found out from Kanye West's camp that a story by Mixmag, a UK-based culture magazine, announcing Kanye's IKE4 furniture partnership with IKEA is simply false. Thankfully for us, now we don't have to find out how much a Yeezy Season 4 chair would cost. 💰

  12. Imgur for pets
  13. Sixpoint's Weed Beer

    Fun fact: It's very illegal (per the FDA) to combine weed with beer, even where pot is legal. So, this new product is probably false, unless we missed something and pot is legal all over America. #Sorry

  14. Sbarro's Pizza Scented Candles

    (Is it wrong I would actually buy these?)

  15. Mark for H&M

    Facebook wonderkin Mark Zuckerberg isn't collaborating with H&M on a line of his signature grey tees. We're pretty sure he gets those all from The Gap, anyway.

  16. Deadpool on VHS and LaserDisc

    Adorable, Ryan. ADORABLE.

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