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19 Pressing Questions I Have About This Britney Spears And Leonardo DiCaprio Pic

For starters, when did they even hang out?

For this week's #TBT, Britney Spears had plenty of memorable pics to choose from, such as the snake one from the 2001 VMAs, the infamous all-denim attire with Justin Timberlake, or even a snap from her "Toxic" music video.

Instead, Spears shared one of the most random celeb duo pics I've ever seen. In an undated photo, Spears chillaxes with the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yes, yes, that Leonardo DiCaprio. The guy you've been in love with since the early '90s, and the same guy who just — finally — won an Oscar for Best Actor.

The only caption for it is simply, "Tbt," which tells us zero information besides the fact that it's an older pic (which we can easily see, since Leo looks 15). Naturally, I have some pressing question about what in the world is even happening here. Reply quickly, Britney. Please and thank you.

1. In what year was this taken?

2. Was it the '90s, post-Titanic?

3. Or is it from the Crossroads era, circa '02?

4. Also, since when are you and Leo BFFs?

5. Have you always been, and the world just didn't know it?

6. There are no pics of you and Leo together on Getty Images, did you know that?


7. Why is he doing that thing with his hand?

8. Is he trying to be Spider-Man and eject web from his hand?

9. Because if so, he's doing it wrong, don't you think?

10. Furthermore, how did you two meet?

11. Did you talk about how Rose could've made room on the damn door for Jack?

12. Did he agree with you?


13. Side note, do you still have that hat?

14. Oh, and where was this even taken, btw?

15. When he won his Oscar, did you call him up and say congrats?

16. And did he reply with, "Thanks, boo-boo"?

17. He totally did, didn't he?

18. But most importantly though, when will you two hang out again?

19. I mean, you are in constant communication, right?

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