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Teleport Back To 2005 With This Rare Freestyle Of Will Smith Rapping Over 'How We Do' And 'Lean Back'

Big Willie style

It's been over a decade since Will Smith's last album, though he's been hinting that he's dabbling in the studio and considering a musical resurrection. He released his first song in ten years in October, and later announced that he's going on a world tour and has about 30 new songs recorded. Until we hear any of those, though, we've got older Will raps -- like this 2005 freestyle on Tim Westwood's radio show.

In it, Will raps over beats from two of the hottest songs of the day -- Game's "How We Do" and Terror Squad's "Lean Back" -- and does so with lyrical agility and the confidence of a dude who has won Grammys and starred in blockbuster movies. Since, after all, that's who he is.

At the time, he was overseas promoting his last album, 2005's Lost and Found, and in the freestyle packed in a #humblebrag or two about his immense success: "This time I don't got a sitcom to bother wit/ Or a time conflict with my sci-fi hits," he raps, later adding, "It's hard to break free from a guaranteed 20/ But it's done, so come see me, honey."

Pieces of these have been floating around online for some time, but this is the first that Westwood is releasing them officially, on his own, and it follows recent unreleased gems from Jay Z and Eminem.

This is also an excellent time to look back at Will's prior trip to visit Westwood, in 1989. His voice and flow were a different, but it was Will being Will all the same.

In his extended hiatus from music, the 47-year-old, as you may have noticed, has continued to star in hit and acclaimed movies, and he'll be presented with the Generation Award at this 2016 MTV Movie Awards airs on Sunday, April 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.