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Kol Wants To Straight-Up Murder Finn In This Exclusive Originals Clip

Can the Mikaelsons trust Finn? (Probably not.)

It's a truth universally acknowledged that whenever more than three Mikaelsons get together, chaos ensues. Case in point: this week's episode of The Originals.

With rumors swirling that there's one remaining white oak bullet in New Orleans, the ghosts of the Mikaelsons's pasts come to the French Quarter to haunt them. But who started the rumor in the first place? In this exclusive clip from the episode ("Alone With Everybody"), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) tries to convince Elijah (Daniel Gillies) that the rumor is Finn's (Casper Zafer) doing, but Kol might have ulterior motives for placing the blame on his tormented older brother. After all, Finn was the one responsible for his death.

However, Freya (Riley Voelkel) doesn't think Finn's the one spreading rumors of the white oak bullet's existence. In fact, she sees Finn's surprising return an opportunity to "mend old wounds and fix what's broken." Yeah... good luck convincing Kol to sit down for a family dinner with Finn, Freya.

When Kol does come face to face with his brother Finn, it's up to Elijah to ease the tension. But what if he isn't so sure of his older brother's innocence? Mikaelson family drama is the best kind of drama.