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YG And Nipsey Hussle Drop The Anti-Donald Trump Anthem We've Been Waiting For

Could it be a hit?

I'm actually surprised that it took this long to reach this moment, the one where a couple notable rappers link up to musically profess their hatred of Donald Trump. But the day is here, and it's come in the form on YG and Nipsey Hussle's aptly named "FDT." That stands, of course, for "Fuck Donald Trump," a refrain that's repeated throughout.

"I'm from a place that you probably can't go/ Speaking for some people that you probably ain't know," Nip raps, in a line whose directness is only rivaled by its truth. There are other, more vitriolic lines, sprinkled throughout, too. With the help of some of that classic West Coast bounce and bass and YG's catchy "Fuck Donald Trump" chorus, this sounds like it could actually be a hit.

These two California natives have collaborated before, but let's not overlook the symbolism here, of a Blood and a Crip uniting for the anti-Trump cause.