Snapchat Added So Many New Features That It's Like A Whole New App

Snapchat just made it way easier to have exciting convos with pretty much anyone.

With 100 million daily users, Snapchat is an app on its way to global domination. But communicating through snaps, stories, and simple messaging just wasn't enough, so Snapchat decided to up its game.


"When we first launched Chat, our goal was to emulate the best parts of face-to-face conversation," Snapchat said on its blog. "Chat 1.0 was all about the joys of being here — when most apps told you when your friend was typing, Chat let you know that your friend was listening. Two years later, we’ve learned a ton about how people talk, but our goal remains unchanged. We want Chat to be the best way to communicate — second only to hanging out face-to-face."

This new update adds a wealth of new doodads to the chat module -- the most apparent which is a bigger, better video chat. Snapchat's Chat 1.0 had video calling, but you were only able to activate it if both users were actively in a chat window.

This new update allows you strike up a video chat at any time -- and if the recipient doesn't feel like a face-to-face moment, they can deny the call, just like any other call. Or, they can accept your side and communicate with you using audio only.


(Kinda wish real phone calls had this function.)

If they accept your video message, that doesn't stop the fun. You can still text chat with them and use Stickers -- another new function -- to send any of 100 reaction stickers unique to Snapchat.

You also (see what I mean by "so many new features") can send audio and video "notes" -- those are short video and voice clips that you can quickly share within chats, that disappear as soon as you navigate away. Such is the fleeting nature of Snapchat.


"What we love most about the new Chat is how easily you can transition between all these ways of communicating — just like you do in person," Snapchat said.

And we totally agree. These new updates are already active with the new update that happened Tuesday morning, so get to Snapping. 🎉

H/T Mashable