A First Grader's Test Answer Takes A Hilariously Dark Turn

Ann needs to get it together

In today's edition of "the person who created this test should have seen this coming" (via Imgur), first graders were required to fill-in-the-blank with one word out of four provided to them on a printed assignment.

The sentence? "Ann was too [blank] to help her sister." The word choices? "listen," "busy," "eyes," and "high." You have one guess as to what one kid chose.

MTV News editor Patrick Hosken was incensed by the fact that this was considered a wrong answer (as the orange circle indicates), wondering how it could be "'wrong' even though it makes sense," and that "we're writing a post about it online because of its novelty." So true, we are, because we've all known an Ann or two, that's for sure. 😜

"The kid grows up thinking she's wrong even when her answer is a creative sidestep," Hosken said. "The world pushes her down further." (Might be a little #dark to think about, but the idea is essentially true.)

Plus, in most fill-in-the-blank tests, shouldn't all of the other answers be incorrect if they were used in the blank? This seems more like bad test design to me, and to a smart little kid whose loved ones should probably lay off the ganja.

H/T Mashable