It's A Celebration: These Are Lauren Conrad's Most Memorable MTV Parties

Cheers to LC!

For as long as we've known Lauren Conrad, the SoCal beauty has always enjoyed being a part of/organizing a good ol' fashioned bash. And now, the lifestyle maven -- who memorably attended her prom and subsequent graduation milestones on Laguna Beach and a slew of outrageous momentous events on The Hills -- is putting all of her planning knowledge in her latest written work Celebrate.

In honor of the MTV alum's brand-new tome, we're taking a look back at some of the most unforgettable parties that were featured on this very network. From that first late-night formal shindig in her hometown to THE BOAT, LC has had her fair share of fun -- and drama -- during her time on the small screen. So raise a glass of bubbly, peep some of them below and be sure to share your faves in the comments!

  1. Black and White Party

    Lauren and her sidekicks Lo, Morgan and Christina put the Surf and Sand-based shindig together -- but our poor girl (clad in a perfect LBD) was left a bit disappointed at how the event transpired because her crush BFF Stephen peaced out early with his kvetching girlfriend Kristin.

  2. Prom After-Party in the Limo

    Ahh, a singalong to "Goodbye To You" is the perfect way to end the formal high school dance.

  3. Last Summer Party

    The tight-knit LBHS Class of 2004 gathered one last time -- and for the final time during Season 1 -- for some burgers and hot dogs before leaving for college. And understandably, Lauren felt sad temporarily saying goodbye to her peers before jetting to the Golden State City.

  4. Teen Vogue Party Crasher

    The newly minted intern -- who was instructed to guard an area at the magazine-hosted affair -- got a rude awakening at her first work function when her trouble-making roomie Heidi Montag unexpectedly showed up with her own little gang. Cue the wrath of Lisa Love in 3...2...1...

  5. Frankie's Birthday Party

    The former Hillside Villa roomies faced off at Les Deux -- and the infamous quote, "You know what you did!" was born.

  6. Boat Birthday Party

    What was supposed to be a fun journey out to sea on the water turned into a sobfest when Mrs. Spencer Pratt surprised the guest of honor and tried to make amends with her erstwhile friend.

  7. Spencer and Heidi's Wedding

    Sure, Lauren wasn't the one saying "I do" (could you imagine?!) but her departure from the church long-running series was certainly a highlight of the Speidi nuptials.