Wolverine as Disney Princesses Is Disturbingly Awesome

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When it comes to Disney characters, we are always in the market for weirdly amazing transformations. Whether it's a Grumpy Cat meme collision with the House of Mouse or the line-up of pretty ladies getting slothified and given historically accurate wardrobing or even the animated villains getting a Broadway-esque spotlight, we are soooooo in. Always.

So, naturally, when we discovered that a gaggle of web artists are now making Wolverine as Disney Princesses a thing, we just had to share.

'Cause if there's one character from the "X-Men" franchise who simply does not fit the bill for delicate dresses and chillin' with the tenderest fluttery beings of nature, it's Logan, A.K.A. the Wolverine.

He's rough and tough and beats even bigger dudes down in cage matches, ya heard? Oh, and there's also the small matter of him having razor sharp claws at the ready at all times.

Needless to say, then, these drawings are spectacularly hilarious. Especially the one featuring him in a prissily flowered gown and smirking while still sporting a stogie.

Wolverine Disney Princess

Wolverine Disney Princess

Wolverine Disney Princess

Head here for more of Wolverine looking so awkwardly fancy.

By the way, the seventh film featuring Hugh Jackman as the sassy, adamantium-filled superhero, "X-Men: Days of Future Past," bows on May 23, 2014.