Kristen Bell: Just Call Her Khaleesi

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In today's Halloween-themed installment of random, we now know that "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell is opting out of this year's crop of obvious costume choices — there'll be enough Miley Cyruses and Walter Whites and Sharknados running around, we're sure — and going for something (slightly) old school.

And the "Frozen" star, who recently married her long-time sweetie and new baby daddy Dax Shepard in a super-budget ceremony, is bringin' the whole brood in on her not-so-spooky sartorial scheme, too. Even the four-legged members of her cute little fam are in on this thing.

Per The Huffington Post, Bell explained that she's going as the Khaleesi from HBO's "Game of Thrones" because while she might be "two years late" to that gate, oh freakin' well. She likes the show and that's just that, got it?

But what's also interesting is the fact that the other motivation driving her to become a dragon mother this year is her hubby's desire to show off his abtacular figure. No, seriously, that's as legit as this Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal get-up.

"It's mainly revolving around the fact that Dax wants to be something shirtless," she admitted, "so Drogo is his main pick." So, yeah, that.

Meanwhile little Lincoln Bell, the couple's 7-month-old daughter, is gonna represent the Khaleesi's dragons alongside the family pooches, and what a sight that should prove to be.

"I want to wear one of those cloaks, I want to have a dragon baby. I want everything," Bell said. "I've now gotten so into the series."

So, now you know.

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