'Blue is the Warmest Color' Feud: Director Suing Actress, Everyone's Being Mean

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For a movie that's gotten more than its fair share of critical praise — hello, it won the freakin' Palme d'Or at Cannes this year — the main people associated with "Blue is the Warmest Color" sure are a cantankerous bunch.

In what is basically the movie biz equivalent of an "I'm rubber, you're glue" spat, the film's director and his lead actress may now be ready to take their little feud of words to the legal level and hash this mess out in a courtroom.

As pointed out by our pals at Vulture, director Abdel Kechiche and actress Léa Seydoux have been taking little stabs at each other for a while now.

Seydoux and co-star Adèle Exarchopoulos both famously decided against working with Kechiche ever again because, as Seydoux spilled to the press, "his manners are very tough." For instance, he'd made the girls work through some pretty vicious conditions like actually hitting one another during a fight scene and continuing to shoot despite an injury on the set. In response, Kechiche then called into question Seydoux's acting skillz and questioned whether the pic should even be released (though it totally will and in fact hits limited U.S. theaters tomorrow with a saucy NC-17 rating).

Now, in a super-long essay defending himself and his movie against "attacks" received during his stint at the fest and afterward, he gets into the nitty grittiest woes of his relationship with Seydoux.

According to him, she was all gushy and grateful at Cannes when the sky was littered with praise for her but then suddenly changed her tune "to demolish ... an already fragile movie."

"She started to drag me through the mud [with] lies and exaggerations ... and for what purpose?" Among her public accusations, he explained, are that he "would be a kind of sadistic and evil manipulator" who "forced [the actresses] to fight to the blood and work 7 days and 24 hours for 6 months, that [he] would have humiliated, raped and psychologically abused" them.

Now he wants to see what she'll have to say about the matter with a judge involved. 'Cause Lea's got some 'splainin' to do, apparently ... Orrrr this may just be some Frenchy publicity stunt meant for you to go see the movie tomorrow and find out what all the fuss is about? Too cynical? Quelle fromage or something, guys. (We took Spanish in high school.)