Tom Hiddleston's Got a Crazy Idea for a Solo Loki Movie

Whether or not Tom Hiddleston's Loki bites the bullet (or gets beaten down by the hammer or whatever other Asgardian killing device comes along) in "Thor: The Dark World" remains to be seen. While he decidedly will not be badding it up in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," we do have not one but two reasons to believe he'll make it through "Thor 2."

Will he ever get his own solo movie, though? The Hiddlehotness has one good idea stored up just in case ... 

First, let's review the reasons we think the character'll stick around the Marvel Universe for a while — aside from the obvious fact that he's awesome. For starters, there was that comment by Marvel exec Kevin Feige about wanting Loki as the "big bad ... for a long time" (note: this came directly after Hiddleston owned Hall H at Comic-Con and solidified his foothold as a fan fave).

There'd previously been some eyebrow-raising rumors of his demise in the movie, but then after Feige's pseudo-promise came the re-shoots (reason two he's not a goner yet). Director Alan Taylor framed the new photography as "adding scenes, creating scenes" and generally doing more with Loki, but many suspected it was a little backtrack action instead.

So, given the ever-increasing likelihood of his "Dark World" survival, what does Tom Hiddleston think of all this Loki-centric movie chatter (there's even a petition demanding the studio make one, ya'll)? Well, he's flattered. chatted with Tom Hiddleston about the possibility of him leading up a one-shotter during his promo rounds for "Thor: The Dark World," and he said, "the idea of there being a solo Loki film is such a compliment ... I could officially tell you that there is no movement on it. But I'd have to have a kind of brainstorm with Kevin Feige about it if it ever came around."

"Loki defines himself sort of in opposition to Thor," he added. "There is no Thor without Loki. There is no Loki without Thor. And there's part of his nature that he defines himself in opposition to other people. But there are also whole narratives in the comic books which are huge fun where he goes on his own adventures."

Of course, Hiddleston's hopes are far from bound to the letter of the book laws.

"There are things I'd love to do with him. Like I'd love to see him out of context on Earth, in the '70s running a nightclub, playing lots of Rolling Stones. But there's a hair-brained idea that I have," he explained. Funny he should mention hair in that sentence because Loki would be so in  with the '70s crowd, don'tcha think? We digress.

"At the moment, I've made three films with Loki and I'm very proud of them," Hiddleston said. "If it ends there, that's where it ends." Let's just hope it doesn't, though.

"Thor: The Dark World" hits theaters on Nov. 8.