'Pitch Perfect' Lives! There's Now a 'Cups' Tap Dance

Remember when Anna Kendrick whipped out her multitasking wizardry in "Pitch Perfect" and then everyone went "Ooh! Ahh! Maybe can do that, too!" Then, those who just couldn't were instead left to hear the song play out on the radio every hour on the hour as a constant reminder that their hand-eye coordination was just not good enough for "Cups"?

Well, here's a festive alternative: Tap it out, G!

So basically, some big-time Broadway dancers recently got together and choreographed a "Cups" tap dance number that syncs up with the instrumental portions of the song to bring an all-new level of awesome to the tune.

Of course, these moves are probably no easier to replicate than all that cup bouncing, stacking and switching, but at least it's got the prettiest of views!

And please don't blame Anna Kendrick if this becomes your kiddo's newest never-ending obsession, k? It's totally a better use of their time and energy than figuring out the next brill Snapchat pic or Instavideoing a kitten or whatever young people are doing these days. 'Cause apparently that's been an issue for her.

Meanwhile, do stay tuned for more from the aca-awesome Bellas themselves as "Pitch Perfect 2" has been given the green light by Universal Pictures and is expected to land in theaters sometime in 2015. No plot details on the sequel are out just yet, but you can bet it'll be a musical ride!