'That Awkward Moment' Red Band Trailer: Celebrating Bro-Dom

That awkward moment when a movie gets made off of some hipsteriffic catch phrase ... and it actually looks mildly funny? Well, it's happening.

Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller star in "That Awkward Moment," the debut bro-down comedy from writer-director Tom Gormican which follows three little pigs best friends as they navigate the uncharted waters of the dating scene. The red band trailer for the film has been released via Yahoo! Movies, and let's just say it's positively filled with mile-a-minute male-tastic witticisms.

See, none of these Viagra-popping putzes are quite used to that awkward moment — See, see? The title totally works! — when a guy might actually start to care about one of his many midnight conquests and want to take it a little farther, like, gasp, hanging out the next day (twice). So basically they don't quite know how to deal when pretty ladies start entering the picture and sticking around a while.

Of course, the broseph trio isn't all bad. Encouraged by his buds, Zefron's guy does show up to his girlfriend's fancy dinner party wearing your next wild Halloween costume idea (actually, don't wear that).

Zac Efron That Awkward Moment Redband Trailer

Also, the mandudes start to share in each other's excitement over things like enjoying the proper height-crotch ratio in relationships.

Needless to say, somewhere in the midst of all those phallic zingers is a group of guy's guys out to learn a lesson about matters of the heart. Awwwww.

"That Awkward Moment," which also stars Imogen Poots, Jessica Lucas and Addison Timlin, hits theaters on Jan. 31, 2014.