'Marvel's Thor: The Dark World' Trailer: Hammer Time

No, this joke will never get old. What time is it? HAMMER TIME.

"Marvel's Thor: The Dark World" means a return to Asgard for the titular hero, but he's bringing Jane Foster along for the ride. Of course, some big bad evil as old as time has come to threaten the universe, and Thor is the only one that can stop it. Well, not the only one, since he immediately feels the need to grab Jane off of Midgard (read: Earth) to enlist her science-y aid and, let's face it, to get some lip-to-lip contact.

This enemy, Malekith, is "known only to one" and that one is Loki, which means that Thor has to pull his brother out of prison after "all this time" (Marvel movies occur more or less in present time, so "Thor: The Dark World" should take place roughly a year and a half after" The Avengers") so they can go on an awesome bro-tastic adventure with lots of brooding and talk of lost trust.

We're definitely in for a lot of action this time around, with some large scale battle scenes pitting Thor and Co. up against hordes of soldiers (and a giant rock troll!) and a one-on-one battle featuring Thor's mother, Frigga, proving that universe-threatening evil is really just fun for the whole family.