Posters: 'N Sync Members in Justin Timberlake Movies

Justin Timberlake has danced his way into quite the Hollywood career, with charming turns in "The Social Network," "In Time," "Trouble With the Curve" and this week's "Runner Runner," in which we're supposed to believe that he can't afford his college tuition (and that he's young enough to be in college, but we digress).

But why is Justin a movie star and not the other members of his former boy band, 'N Sync? We have a feeling that Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez possess untapped acting potential that Hollywood would do well to exploit before, you know, 'N Sync gets back together.

With that in mind, we've conjured a few posters from an alternate universe in which every member of 'N Sync got to be in movies. They didn't record an album called "Celebrity" for nothin', you know.

JC Chasez in Runner Runner

Joey Fatone in Friends With Benefits

Lance Bass in In Time

Chris Kirkpatrick in Bad Teacher

Lance Bass in Trouble WIth the Curve

Joey Fatone in Yogi Bear

Chris Kirkpatrick in Alpha Dog

JC Chasez in Edison

And just for the heck of it, let's not forget this little gem from the Justin Timberlake filmography ...

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