George Clooney's Resume: How He Got to Space

[caption id="attachment_206589" align="alignleft" width="300"]Gravity Warner Bros.[/caption]

On your morning commute you may have noticed posters for "Gravity" — featuring George Clooney's helmeted head floating through the majesty of outer space — and wondered, "How did that dude land such a sweet gig?" One word: Experience.

Clooney may be a god among men, but he has to submit his resume for jobs just like everyone else, and getting to star in Oscar-bait opposite Sandra Bullock isn't for greenhorn thesps.

Take a look at the CV the accomplished actor submitted and you'll understand why NASA would trust Clooney with such a vital mission. From his years in the Army to his covert ops as a CIA spook, this guy has done it all ... he's even been to space before!

Click on the image to embiggen — no cover letter required.

George Clooney's resume