5 Roles You Totally Know '50 Shades' Femme Dakota Johnson From

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If you were one of those people who did a little head scratch action and wondered "WHO?!" when Dakota Johnson was announced as the big screen sex slave-to-be Anastasia Steele in "Fifty Shades of Grey," you are totally not alone.

Apart from the fact that she's the product of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's second marital union (yep), the public doesn't know a whole heck of a lot about the girl.

Believe it or not, though, you probably have seen her in a movie or two before without realizing it. You see, until this bondage flick score, she's only been the headliner for one project (the short-lived TV show "Ben and Kate"), but she's had a slew of cameo roles that she took full advantage of, so to speak.

Even better, some of them involved some beneath-the-sheets-ish behavior that might just make you wanna rethink signing that "Fifty Shades" recast petition.

1. "The Social Network"

Appropriately inappropriate was her big scene in "The Social Network," wherein Johnson got all bootylicious in her skivvies while learning that the man she drunkenly bumped uglies with (Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker) is a boner fide somebody. Bedding a mysterious billionaire businessman on the big screen? You could certainly call that good practice for her future in mommy porn movies. Score!

2. "21 Jump Street"

In "21 Jump Street," Johnson was one of the "Miley Cyrus-lookin' motherf***ers" Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) recruited for his little high school undercover beat team, and in an extended scene from the comedy, she even got a little naughty-mouthed while describing Jenko (Channing "All Over Your" Tatum), noting "his jawline is like the boy version of big boobs." Oh, behave!

3. "The Five-Year Engagement"

Dakota Johnson The Five-Year Engagement

In keeping with this running sexpot theme, she also played the young rebound piece Jason Segel's Tom couldn't quite keep up with in "The Five Year Engagement." Hers was the kinda character who enjoyed slathering herself down with paint, pushing his libido to the limit of sleeplessness and/or broken netherbits as well as hosting giant video game dance parties. Faster, faster!

4. "Beastly"

Dakota Johnson Beastly

Another movie, another blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment for Dakota Johnson to canoodle with a random dude (sensing a theme yet?). In "Beastly," she got all hot and heavy on the sidelines while the good girl (Vanessa Hudgens) du jour watched and bemoaned "what happened to romance?" ... much like audiences might after witnessing all that S&M brouhaha in "50 Shades"!

5. "Goats"

Dakota Johnson in Goats

Okay, so you might have to be some of a Sundance junkie to have caught "Goats," but if you did, you’d have seen Dakota Johnson as the not-quite lady love interest of Graham Phillips. Here we have proof that if nothing else, she gives good blank expression, which is a total must-have for our naïve little bondage babe Ana Steele.