'Dallas Buyers Club' Trailer: Here's Matthew McConaughey's Oscar Bid

So, here's what Matthew McConaughey got all scary skinny for, you guys.

Presenting the first trailer for "Dallas Buyers Club," the true story of Ron Woodroof — previously, a "cowboy, gambler, hellraiser" — who was diagnosed with HIV in the '80s and took matters into his own hands after being denied access to necessary pharmaceuticals by his physician (Jennifer Garner).

One trip to Mexico later, and Woodruff realized what so many do: The medicinal black market is a gold mine in the making. Better yet, it can actually help people in some cases.

And so the Dallas Buyers Club was born ("not selling drugs ... selling memberships"), offering fellow HIV sufferers what the American medical community couldn't by way of access to imported alternative medicines unregulated by the FDA.

McConaughey famously dropped oodles of pounds for what many are considering to be his best chance at an awards season run (it worked for Anne Hathaway, yo), but he wasn't the only one who became practically unrecognizable for the Jean-Marc Vallée-directed film.

Jared Leto, who portrays a cross-dressing prostitute in the pic, pulled an anti-"Chapter 27" move and got pretty scrawny himself. Consider this Instagram photo of his from last December.

Pretty frightening. Also, talk about role commitment.

The release date for "Dallas Buyers Club" got kicked up by a month from Dec. 6 to Nov. 1 to ensure that McConaughey, Leto and company get some attention from the Academy. So, start marking those ballots now.