'42's Chadwick Boseman Will Take a Swing at Playing James Brown

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Batter up! "42" actor Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed Jackie Robinson in the 2013 biopic, has been selected to stand front and center in another biopic. This time, though, the only pinstripes he'll be wearing are on a suit, not a uniform: Boseman will portray legendary musician James Brown.

According to Variety, Universal gave the greenlight today for Boseman to play the godfather of soul in the as-yet-untitled flick. Tate Taylor, best known for directing "The Help," will helm. Filming will take place largely in Mississippi.

Brown died at 73 years old in December 2006. Brian Grazer, a producer of the film, has been trying to make a biopic for more than a decade.

The move from baseballer to R&Ber should be an interesting one for 31-year-old Boseman, whose performance in "42" was met with a resounding neutral shrug. The film itself was recognized for its earnestness but noted for its bland, narrow focus on only two years of Robinson's life and its use of the player as a figurehead for race as opposed to a human being.

Viewers can hope to see a three dimensional Brown, who was also involved in the Civil Rights movement in the mid-'60s.

Watch this video of Brown performing "Sex Machine" live, and see if you think Boseman can live up to the legend.