Many Ways to Order a Movie Murder in this 'Kill Him' Supercut

You'd think that if one person wanted another person dead and gone, he or she would just buck up and do the dirty business alone (a.k.a. without any witnesses), but in movies sometimes it's even more creepy for the would-be assassin to just pawn the hit off to some peon follower of theirs.

Classic example: Scar — that dirty, rotten scoundrel from "The Lion King" who got his comeuppance by reappearing as a throw rug in "Hercules" — was way too much of a pussycat to put his baby nephew down himself. So, he left it to his pack of driveling hyenas to "kill him."

That two-word phrase gets a lotta film play, apparently, because in this "Kill Him" supercut, there are over three dozen different movies with the murderous little line.

Everything from your youth-friendly fare like "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Kindergarten Cop" to the kinds of movies you might expect an executioner order from, like "Die Another Day" and "Reservoir Dogs" can found in this mashup.

And while you'd think this thing would get monotonous real quick since it's the same two words and again and again and again, it's actually kind of amazing to hear how many different ways the utterance can come through. As expected, though, no one quite does it like Morgan Freeman.