'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Trailer: Ben Stiller Oscar Bait?

The holidays have come a bit early today. While "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" isn't due in theaters until Christmas, Fox has debuted the first trailer for Ben Stiller's latest directorial effort online at Apple Trailers.

What better way to chase an Oscar than to remake a '47 classic which itself was based on a short-story by James Thurber?

Stiller plays the title character, whose daydream world is filled with fantastical adventures that override the ho-hum banality of his everyday world. A real-life crisis involving Mitty and a coworker (played by Kristen Wiig), though, puts Walter in the position of taking some some real-world adventures instead.

Casual moviegoers probably think of Stiller as the dude who plays the hapless put-upon nincompoop in the "Meet the Parents" movies, but Stiller actually has a pretty impressive directorial resume, too. Apart from helming the Blue Steel masterpiece "Zoolander," his talents were first put on display with grunge-era touchstone "Reality Bites," and he directed Jim Carrey in the darkly funny "The Cable Guy." Not to mention, he also helped resurrect Tom Cruise's career with "Tropic Thunder."

A bearded Adam Scott also stars in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," and as a bonus, Sean Penn plays himself in the movie.

Let's just hope Stiller was nicer to the actors onset than he was on that episode of "Extras."