Infographic: Hollywood's Biggest Paydays

In case you didn't hear, Robert Downey Jr. will be returning as Tony Stark for at least two more "Marvel's The Avengers" sequels ... and considering he reportedly raked in about $70 million for the first "Avengers" movie, it's fair to assume he'll soon be making the transition from rich guy to outrageously rich guy,

Still, when it comes to getting super-paid, he's got nothing on Keanu Reeves, who took home the biggest ever single-movie payday when he banked around $126 million on "The Matrix Reloaded," or Tom Cruise, who grabbed an estimated $175 million on "Mission: Impossible III" and "War of the Worlds" combined. That'll buy you a whole mess of auditing sessions.

Moral of this story? Super-famous actors are richer than you. See them and their gigantic paychecks below.

Click on the image for an even more lucrative version.