Michael Caine Becomes Professor for 'Mr. Morgan's Last Love' Trailer

If you just couldn't get enough of Michael Caine weeping buckets near the end of "The Dark Knight Rises" — but not at the very end, thank goodness — then man alive, do we have the movie trailer for you.

Presenting the first look at "Mr. Morgan's Last Love," a sappy one about a philosophy professor who meanders through life, aimlessly questioning everything as men in his line of work might tend to do, until three years after his wife has died he meets (... and potentially falls in love with? Ew?) a dance instructor a third his age (Clémence Poésy) in Paris.

The title teases some kinda romance, so is this "last love" of his the waltz? Or is it this super young girl — who, yes, is totally Fleur Delacour from "Harry Potter"? Or is it merely entertaining the adoring masses of Michael Caine fans and leaving blondie to his wayward son (Justin Kirk)? Such are the conundrums this gentleman intends to school us on in the film.

What we do know, folks, is that Michael Caine can and will make you cry just by sitting on a bench by himself while making a sad Michael Caine face with a scruffy beard. 'Cause that's how he rolls.

"Mr. Morgan's Last Love" comes out in Oct. Gillian Anderson and Jane Alexander also star in the pic.