FBI Warrant Issued Over 'Harry Potter' Internet Beef

[caption id="attachment_119670" align="alignleft" width="220"]Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Warner Bros.[/caption]

Even Lord Voldemort would cringe at this story.

But we can all relate, right? You know, that thing where you're a big fan of something, so you join a web forum to chat with other fans, then you get the webmaster's face tattooed on your thigh, then you write a bondage themed short story about you and the webmaster, then the webmaster bans you, then you threaten her life multiple times, then the FBI issues a warrant for your arrest...

Alleged New Zealand cyber-stalker Jessica Elizabeth Parker had better cancel any plans to visit America.

The FBI has issued a warrant for the "Harry Potter" super-fan from Down Under thanks to a series of extraordinarily creepy death threats. Parker went all interwebs crazy after The Leaky Cauldron "webmistress" Melissa Anelli banned her due to her (alleged) creepiness. According to The New Zealand Herald (thank you Uproxx for writing about this), 28 year-old Parker has a large portrait of Anelli covering her thigh.

"This is not over until someone is on the floor bleeding their life away," Parker emailed Anelli, who is the author of the 2008 page-turner "Harry, A History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon." The Brooklyn-based Anelli is also co-host of the PotterCast podcast (guess what that podcast is about?).

At some point, Parker reportedly wrote some dominatrix-centric fantasy about her and Anelli.

After the flamewar and forum ban took place, Parker started leaving nutty voicemails, sending bat---- emails and even got her creepy snail mail on. She had all kinds of sweet things to say, like, "I will not sit by as you attempt to crush what little I have left, I would rather slit your damn throat and be done with it" and "I'm warning you right now, you will die!" You know, things friends and fellow fans write to each other.

The FBI started following Parker's stalker-y behavior back in 2009. New Zealand cops actually arrested her in 2011. She was charged with criminal harassment but couldn't stop herself from continuing with the whole thing. She even sent Anelli's parents a post card that said, "Consider this your first warning before I come back and end you for good" in January of this year. Another death threat followed in March.

Remember that "Chappelle's Show" bit about "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong"? Don't let this happen to you, forum-friendly super fans.