Gina Carano's Gonna Kick Some More Booty as 'Avengelyne'

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There were whispers aplenty about the possibility of "Haywire" star Gina Carano becoming the next Wonder Woman in that will-ever-actually-happen "Justice League" project ... and, sure, a lot of that could've been coming off of the fact that she once dated the "Man of Steel" himself, Henry Cavill. But it looks it'll be another comic book adaptation altogether that boasts her name on the marquis next.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former MMA fighter-slash-overall bada** will become the titular heroine in "Avengelyne," a movie based on the racy comic book series from Rob Liefeld. 

The story centers on a fallen angel whose mission is to find and be the, well, guardian angel to "the one" person who can save all us human types from the nasties of the netherworld.

For those not familiar with the comic book series, just take a peek at this cover for reference.


Based on this alone, it's clear that the qualifications are more than met with Carano for the role: Saucy lady? Check. Ability to kick some major patookus? Double — make that triple — check.

To celebrate the news, Carano and the comic author Liefeld will appear at Comic-Con on Saturday, July 20 to sign posters featuring Carano as Avengelyne herself. Then, starting next week, an adaptive writer and director will be sought to help put an "Underworld"-esque spin on the series.