'The Fifth Estate' Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch WikiLeakin' Everywhere

Once upon a time, Benedict Cumberbatch was our little secret. Those of us in America who took a chance with the BBC's "Sherlock" (via Netflix, iTunes or wherever) were rewarded for our efforts with the discovery of a burgeoning star.

Then came a little movie called "Star Trek Into Darkness" and BOOM, everyone wants to come to the CumberParty (yes, "Cumberbitches" is apparently a thing). But good things are meant to shared, right? And even bad things, too? That's certainly the philosophy of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

While Assange continued to hide out in Ecuador's London Embassy, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon (we still prefer to think of him as the director of "Gods and Monsters" ) has been busy with a biopic of sorts called "The Fifth Estate." Cumberbatch dyed his hair the shade of Slim Shady to play the controversial Assange, whose commitment to freedom of the press and transparency of information has put him at odds with those who like to keep things, you know, secret.

"The Fifth Estate" focuses primarily on the friendship between Assange and his buddy Daniel Domscheit-Berg, which deteriorated as the whole WikiLinks thing grew. It's based on the "Inside WikiLeaks" book penned by Domscheit-Berg, as well as the book "WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War of Secrecy" and other media sources.

The Fifth Estate Benedict Cumberbatch


"The Fifth Estate" doesn't exactly come with Assange's stamp of approval; however, Condon has reportedly said that the WikiLeaks founder did exchange a few emails related to the project with Cumberbatch.

The movie also stars another British TV star looking to make the leap into feature film stardom, Dan Stevens. Astute PBS watchers will recall that Stevens' "Downton Abbey" character was [SPOILER] killed off when Stevens decided to leave the show.

As for Cumberbatch's portrayal of Julian Assange? Watch "The Fifth Estate" trailer and decide whether it's as good as Bill Hader's Julian Assange.