Kristen Wiig: The Michael Jordan of Michael Jordan Impressions (VIDEO)

Kristen Wiig Jimmy FallonKrisen Wiig kicked butt as Suze Orman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "Saturday Night Live" (we're going to go ahead and say Target Lady is a real person, too).

But this week, she unleashed her greatest impression yet: Michael Jordan.

Armed with a bald cap, a Chicago Bulls jersey and a flawless imitation, Wiig  paid a visit to fellow "SNL" veteran Jimmy Fallon on Monday night's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

The host questioned the NBA legend (and MLB... not-legend?) about his career. It was abundantly clear just how much research, preparation and homework went into her impression.

Then, of course, Jordan decided to sing. You know, as per his usual. It's just too bad "he" didn't duet with musical guest Adam Ant. But maybe next time?

We don't know what Jordan is up to, but Wiig will next be seen in "Girl Most Likely."