'Sweetwater' Trailer: January Jones is MAD (Get It?)

Move over, Django. Betty Draper has some scores to settle and she's doing it in the Old West with a trusty six-shooter.

January Jones takes her woman scorned persona from "Mad Men" to a new level  as a badass widow on a warpath. Showings last year at The Sundance Film Festival resulted in a "rotten" 20 percent score for "Sweetwater," but to be fair, there are only five reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes as of right now. "Sweetwater" looks like a mix of "True Grit," HBO's flawless series "Deadwood" with a bit Quentin Tarantino's Spaghetti Western revisionism, plus a dash of Betty Draper shooting those pigeons (as EW gleefully pointed out).

After Jason Isaacs' character kills her husband, Jones' widowed ex-hooker goes buck wild, shooting up a storm. Ed Harris plays a sheriff tracking the main bad guy, as well. Critics may have found Jones' performance in "X-Men: First Class" a bit "icy" (hey, she was playing someone named Emma Frost!) so hopefully the warmer climate and meatier role will give her an opportunity to showoff her chops on the big-screen.

Filmdrunk says Jones gets topless in the movie at some point, so, well, there's that, too. (Perez Hilton has the NSFW picture to prove it).

"Sweetwater" (which also confusingly goes by the name "Sweet Vengeance") was directed by Logan Miller and co-written with his twin brother Noah. Westerns haven't done so hot lately, but, at least this one doesn't have the potential to lose $190 million.

Looks like it's already direct-to-DVD in the UK... And going by the name "Sherif Jackson" in France.