'Austenland' Trailer: 'The Only Good Men Are Fictional'

Giddy up! It's time to hop on that trusty old steed and head out to "Austenland"!

The first trailer for Jerusha Hess' directorial debut, which she co-wrote alongside the book's author Shannon Hale, is in and man can we relate to Miss Jane Hayes (Keri Russell), whose fascination with the literary world of Jane Austen has left her single and totally unwilling to mingle with just any regular chap.

You see, the girl's got Mr. Darcy — that'd be stud Fitzwilliam Darcy of Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," otherwise known as Colin Firth  — on the brain (and in her colonial-themed living room by way of a cardboard cutout), and for her she's only alone in life "because apparently the only good men are fictional." Given the fact that "Twilight Saga" author Stephenie Meyer served as a producer on this film, the connection should be blaringly obvious here: There's a danger in loving somebody who's not real too much. (Ah, but then again only they can be so unabashedly cheeseball and still keep their man-cards intact ... Sigh.)

Any real lit fan knows that pilgrimage is essential to fanaticism, and in this girl's case, there's an actual theme part devoted to Jane Austen ... which makes it pretty inexplicable why this is her first trip. Nevertheless, it's there that she'll meet some weird people (Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Seymour) and some fellas (Bret McKenzie, JJ Feild) and challenge herself to follow the formula that "an Austen heroine gets engaged by the end of the book." Facepalm. We'll see where this goes ...

"Austenland" hits select theaters on Aug. 16 by way of Sony Classics.